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The Full Story behind

After Five Prom & Bridal

After Five Prom & Bridal - Your Number One Source for a Bridal Shop in Montgomery, AL.

The founder of After Five Prom & Bridal understood the need to have every bride feel like the dress was made for her. Our goal here is to cater to people and members of groups who are worried about having dresses that cater to their needs. 

As brides try on their dresses, we hope it provides a confidence boost. It is very important to us that our brides feel comfortable. We want them to walk down the aisle to the person they love wearing a dress that they love.

This is how we create our magical moments!!!

Bridal Shop

Why we exist

There is nothing we like better than seeing the smiles of happy customers, and we strive to go above and beyond to make that happen. With a variety of services available, we’re always here to meet your needs.

Why we are different

Having a POC founder, we prioritize inclusivity. Our collections are for everyone and we stop at nothing but the best. Find out how we can make your day special.

Wedding Gowns
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